In 2016 I started the Salisbury Florilegium Society. Our aim was to paint pictures of plants and flowers from the gardens in the Close and exhibit them annually at  the Open Gardens Trail. Called the Secret Gardens of the Close it was run by the Friends of Salisbury Cathedral and was a great fund raising event for the Cathedral. 

For the 800th anniversary of the founding of the Cathedral in 2020, we decided to turn the 120 paintings into a book. With the help of co-editor Anne Oaten and the wonderful design by Nadja Guggi the Creative Director of Messrs. Dash and Dare, the book Secret Gardens of the Close was launched in 2019.

The book launch was accompanied by an on-line charity auction where many of the original paintings were sold along with a good quantity of books. We were able to give the Friends of the Cathedral a cheque for £9,000 who donated it to the Cathedral on our behalf. 

Details of the book, the artwork and offshoot merchandise and be seen and purchased on the website

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